Helping male founders not be d*ckheads.

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Men can be better business owners without cutting

off our


Zomato founder

Be a better, more effective public speaker.

Let’s face it, you’re the face of it, so you have to do it.

Make sense on your social media.

You don’t have to like social media, but you need to be present on it.

Be a better, more empathetic boss.

The old trope of the angry, yelling founder doesn’t work.

How it works

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A no obligation talk about what it’s all about and how we go about it.

You won’t be asked to sign up to anything at all.


After the call you’ll be sent an info email with all the details, pricing, info on the method and what you r options are.


Once you’re happy with it all, you can book your first session online o via email and you’ll be sent The Plan on how we’ll get there.

What it’s all about.

Something weird happens when men knuckle down and start working hard on their business. They shut down a whole lot of the things that made them who they are and starting acting like Andrew Tate. Which helps no one get anywhere good in life.

My own journey has taken me from an angry woman-hating ranter who was impossible to work with, to an entrepreneur who collaborates with just about everyone.

The best part is that it doesn’t take sweat lodges, Lamborghinis or living at the gym to be a better, more empathetic and far more effective founder or business owner.

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Dante St James

Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking Lecturer

at Charles Darwin University

Expert in Residence & Investment Spotter

with Darwin Innovation Hub & Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund

Serial entrepreneur and founder

Started, bought, sold and exited several businesses and startups

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Be a better all-round founder.

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